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Investment in a non-traditional asset class: The xxxx Photographic Art Collection

Klaus Hammer Consulting Art Advisory


  • From 2010 -2015 the Photographic Art Investment Fund XXXX accumulated approximately 1800 Photographic Artworks for its investors.
  • Only seriously interested buyers, no wholesalers or dealers might contact us.

Balthasar Burkhard

Key artists and assets represented by the fund (among others)

Key Artists and assets represented by the fund (among others) 

Important Sub Collections included​

Robert Frank “the Americans”(the “Contact Sheets”, a unique collection)

August Sander “Menschen des XX. Jhds.” (619 works)

Tod Papageorge “Studio 54” (70 works)

Bill Owens (Suburbia)

Sultan/Mandel (Evidence)

Individual Artists/Works​

Diane Arbus (13 works)

Richard Avedon

Cindy Sherman

Andy Warhol (45 unique works)

Lee Friedlander (52 works)

Larry Sultan (8 works)

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Henry Wessel (101 works)

+30 artists

Selected Asset impressions

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  • 8840 Einsiedeln, Schwyz
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